Thoren Business School


Thoren Business School

Who are we?

Thoren Business School, located in Uppsala Sweden, is one of many schools in Thorengruppen AB. 

Thoren Business School is a high school with special focus on entrepreneurship and business in all our programs: Business Program ,Communication Program and commerce program. 

Our mission is to educate our students to create a better world and to make a real difference. We take the corporate world into the classroom where our students work on real projects. Students also have the opportunity to start their own business and to participate in what is called, the Junior Achievment JA.

We take globalization seriously; every year our students in the course two are going on a business trip to different cities in the world, such as Brussels, Praha, Berlin, Barcelona and Beijing.

European Dimmension

The motivation to participate in this project is to involve the whole school community in an international environment and our interest in exploring themes like democracy and multiculturalism.

 We hope this will give the students skills to understand other people and culture and that teaching and training will create proactive  european citizens and make them able to live in a flexible society. It is also important to find new ways to work and technical responses to new challenges.

  • Maria Hallberg 
  • Linnéa Wrebo 
  • Carolina Klövstedt 
  • Angela Neijd

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