P1: Online Meeting of initial coordination

As sheduled,  on 4th November, the teachers coordinators of each school had a virtual meeting.  

The discussed topics were:

  • Analysing the evaluation results to improve the weaknesses
  • Establishing concrete dates for the meetings that take place this year
  • Establish concrete guidelines for accommodation of students.
  • Decisions associated with the tasks of each member
  • Decisions associated with common tasks:
    • Review of budget agreements
    • Review of risk protocol
    • Review of dissemination project plan
    • Review of impact project plan
  • The activity will be evaluated through an online survey of the participants on their satisfaction with the meetingsh

who is attending?
When is it?

Contact person of each school

On 4th November at 4:00 p.m. using google meet

results & impact

All partners will delve into the project work.

Evaluation and dissemination activities