IISS Alpi Montale Rutigliano

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IISS Alpi Montale Rutigliano

Who are we?

I.I.S.S. “Alpi –Montale “ is a high secondary State school born from the fusion of “ALPI”: a Scientific/Linguistic/Human Science school and” Montale”: a technical school divided in an Economical sector and a Graphic and Communication one. The Liceo “Alpi” promotes the CLIL methodology, having also CLIL traininig teachers and using Clil in classes.To empower our students’ scientific and linguistic competences we take part in projects like : “ Global Citizen” and “EduCHANGE” and “Global Teaching Lab” with the MIT of Boston. Our school is also involved in Unesco projects. Beside languages, we promote digital competences too through training courses on new methodologies and use of the White Interactive Board. We use also the BYOD system so students employ their IPADs, tablets and Digital Books, but also the BYON, using their network. Our Labs are well equipped with good PCs and Mac too, because of the graphic sector which needs performing PCs.

European Dimmension

Our Headmistress promotes the internationalization so the school is engaged with international projects: eTwinning projects (receiving European Quality Labels for: “Welcome to my town: I’ll be your guide” and “News from planet teens” awarded in 2019; “Eye &You” and “Here we are …@teen generation” awarded in 2018 school/class exchanges.

Erasmus + ( a K219 + 2 KA229) projects called 1) “With Teen Eyes” with other 5 countries, 2) Young Entrepreneurs in Europe with 3 other countries, 3) Migrants Biographies: Europe on the move with 3 other countries.1 Erasmus + KA101- D.E.Co.De._S (promoted by the local Educational Board on the comparison of effective leadership)

Rosanna Gaudio
Tiziana Potenza
Romina Tanzi
Domenico Decosmo
Giovanna Petrosino
  • Mrs Rosanna Gaudio= *  CONTACT PERSON, English Teacher (expert in eTwinning, teacher trainer in English courses)
  • Ms Tiziana Potenza= Maths teacher (trained in Clil methodology).
  • Mrs Romina Tanzi= Physics teacher,(expert in Clil methodology, teacher trainer for Clil methodology)
  • Mr Domenico De Cosmo= Graphic teacher (trained in Clil methodology)
  • Mrs Giovanna Petrosino= Latin and Italian teacher

Our team