General Liceum of Eleftherios Venizelos

General Lyceum of Eleftherios Venizelos

Who are we?

Lyceum of Eleftherios Venizelos(senior High school) is a public school situated in the suburbs of Chania with more than 330 students. The school has a wide range of students from the age 15-18. Students come from a varied social, economic and cultural background. Along with children from the urban area of Chania many children come from less privileged, isolated and mountainous areas. A considerable number of students are descendants of immigrant workers, mainly from Balkan or from ex-Soviet Union countries. The number of teachers is about 40.

The school encourages extracurricular activities with drama clubs, traditional dances, cinema groups as well as environmental projects which involve student participation.

European Dimmension

 Within the last 12 years our school has joined and realized three Comenius projects an Erasmus+/KA219 project with  the title “Young Entrepreneurs” and currently we are participating in and implementing an Erasmus+ KA229 with the title «Passport to Europe» . All these projects have had a positive impact on the ability to work in a team and on the social competences of our students. Taking part in these mobility programs had significant and long-lasting effects on the teachers involved as well. They

  • Pavlos Dotsos – ICT teacher
  • katerina  stefanidou – english teacher
  • Georgia Aretaki – Chemistry teacher * CONTACT PERSON
  • Nektarios Solanakis – Sociology teacher
  • Petros Potetsianakis – Math teacher(headmaster)

Our team