Colegio Calasanz
Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)


Colegio Calasanz

Who are we?

Our school belongs to a Catholic Congregation (Fundación Escolapias Montal) and it was founded 110 years ago. Regarding its funding, the Foundation is a charter school, which means that all the compulsory levels, apart from the Bachillerato level, are funded by the Education Office. 

We offer all the official stages of education prior to University studies: Pre-Primary level (3-6), Primary level (6- 12), Compulsory Secondary Education level (12-16), High School level (Bachillerato) (16-18) and Vocational Training (over 16). We also have “Aula de Enlace”, which is intended for newcomers who do not speak Spanish.

There are around 1000 enrolled students in our school and around 100 staff members. We try to involve our students in an inclusive environment. 

European dimmension

European Dimension is very important for us and therefore we have had experience in five European Projects (1 Socrates, 3 Comenius, 3 Erasmus+, 2 of them as coordinators). Every time we work in an European Project, this reaches all Educational Levels. Therefore a large group of students is able to take advantage of the project.

Our school has already been coordinator of previous European Projects, with satisfying results. We think this kind of projects help to make broad-minded people. Our students start studying English since the age of 3, but we do not teach any subjects in English as yet. We are involved with an EFQM quality system, nevertheless. Although students of a wide range of ages attend our school, all the teachers and pedagogical team move in the same direction, which mean that whenever we are working on a European project all the students and teachers at our school get involved in it. Therefore,

in spite of the fact that there may be a target group in charge of the project, the rest of the students will take advantage of the products and the activities developed.

Víctor Agua
Elisa Rodríguez
Aurora Fernández
Micaela Vega
MªJesús Láiz
Jesús Agua
Cristina Pérez
  • ctor agua (physics, technology) * CONTACT PERSON
  • Elisa rodríguez (maths, technology) * CONTACT PERSON
  • Aurora fernández (english)
  • Micaela vega (english)
  • Mª Jesús láiz (spanish, aula de enlace)
  • Jesús agua (history)
  • Cristina pérez (maths, technical drawing)

Our team