Logo contest

We all meet on Friday 29th January at 10:00. 
At 10:00 there was a short presentation about the contest, welcoming everyone.
At 10:15 started the LOGOS PRESENTATION Students whose logos have been selected had 2 minutes to explain their design. They were very nervous, but they overcame the difficulty and gave wonderful explanations about their creative process.
At 10:45 started the LOCAL VOTE Each school chooses their votes. While we were deciding, we were viewing the pre-selected logos from each country, to clarify our preferences.

At 11:15 started the GENERAL VOTE. It was very funny because we used the «Eurovision method». Each school decided: 2 votes for ….3 votes for …4 votes for …6 votes for …8 votes for …10 votes for … Each country could not vote on a logo from their own country. 

One teacher/student from each school shared the decision and as we are voting the numbers were shown for everyone to know how the votation was going.  

At 12:00 we had our winner!!!! We are so proud of all the participants, and we send our congratulatios to Stelios Kougentakis!! 

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